Richard Orr for Missouri State Senate District 23

Meet Richard

Richard Orr is running for the Missouri State Senate District 23 seat in Eastern St. Charles County to help improve the lives of county residents and all Missourians. He will fight hard for government policies that ensure wise but healthy economic growth so that all Missouri residents have good jobs, decent affordable housing, healthy and safe environments to live and work in, clean air and water, affordable quality healthcare, and outstanding educational opportunities. The availability to residents of high quality public parks, dog parks, and green spaces to experience fun, nature and wildlife is also very high on his list of priorities.

Hard-working middle-class families built Missouri into the great state it is, and they deserve to have their interests protected by the state legislature. But the Republican GOP has been busy feathering their own nests and answering the call of corporate campaign donors instead of Missourians, and with your help, Richard will work to put a stop to this atrocious self-serving activity.

A proponent of a strong military that should only be used with discretion, Richard supports our brave military veterans and first responders and believes our state and country should do everything in our power to meet their needs upon returning home and into their well earned retirement. No effort should be spared on their behalf by our state government.

A Missourian’s Story

Richard Orr has lived his entire life in the St. Louis metro area and upper Meramec Valley near Bourbon, MO, where his ancestors settled. His family and faith have always been the most important factors and greatest inspiration in his life. His deeply Christian grandmother raised his father as a single mother during the Great Depression, and Richard’s father served honorably in WWII. Growing up, Richard always aspired to enter public service like his great, great-uncle who ran and nearly won the governorship of  Missouri just as the Civil War was about to break out, and his uncle Sam Orr who ran for Missouri’s 2nd US congressional district during the 1960’s.

Growing up, Richard’s father was a small businessman and taught him to work hard, be professional, and cherish all the outdoor recreation opportunities afforded by the Eastern Missouri Ozarks. As soon as he could walk, Richard and his father explored their Ozark family farm and this spurred a lifelong love of camping, canoeing, hunting, fishing, caving, and embarking on many voyages into Missouri’s rural countryside. After attending the University of Missouri, Richard spent 35 years working in the local sporting goods industry. And in that time, he has fought hard to prevent Missouri’s unique natural environment being degraded by unwise development and rampant pollution.

Now, after retiring, as in his earlier senate run, Richard is joining the fight to bring affordable healthcare, job opportunities, and affordable housing to all Missourians. He will also fight tirelessly to stop attempts by the republicans to destroy labor unions by there relentless attempts to turn us into a so-called Right to Work state! He will also work to ensure that our state’s natural resources are shared with all Missourians and not just those politically well connected and will continue to take on the seeming Republican mission to ruin and even sell off some of our award winning state parks and public green spaces.

His daughter has been serving in the US Army for 18 years and has completed tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Richard and his family have now happily called St. Charles County home for over 18 years and after devoting his life to providing for his wife, daughter, and granddaughter, Richard is now shifting his focus to go to Jefferson City to help make Missouri a greater place to live, work, and play.

Richard Orr Grandmother

Richard’s Grandmother and Family Circa 1964

Richard Orr Father BJ Orr

Richard’s Father – BJ Orr

Richard Orr Military Daughter and Granddaughter

             Richard with his Daughter and Granddaughter

Richard Orr And His Family

Richard’s Family









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